The Wednesday Night Series is a weekly buoy-racing series that begins mid-May run every Wednesday until late September, per the published TBYC Racing Schedule.

The 2018 Wednesday Series begins May 23, and finishes October 10.

Races are held outside the break wall near the Prince Arthurs Landing Marina. Racing is scored using the PHRF handicapping system and the fleet is organized into three fleets (A, B and C) according to handicap. C Fleet races start at 18:15, B Fleet races start at 18:20 and A Fleet races start at 18:25.

Series standings are determined by scoring a boats best results in 60% plus one of the races run in this series. (i.e. If 21 races are run, a boat's best 13 finishes will be scored).

2017 Wednesday Series Fleet (PDF: Updated May 2017)