Calling all sailing vessels.  All power vessels…. SUNORA 25 - "The Reunion".

It may be all for naught, but hopeful planning is occurring for the 25th SUNORA regatta.

That’s 25 years of boating to some of the most beautiful harbours on Superior's North Shore, with evenings spent mooring with others for social fun and comradery.  If you're a sailor, you’re pitting your skills against the rest of the fleet in daily races from anchorage to anchorage.  If you're a powerboater you'll have time to explore and discover places along the way.

This year the destination is Rossport, and the dates July 25th to Aug 1st.  Maybe you've always wanted to participate, but never found the time.  Maybe you did it 20 years ago and you'd like to try it again.  If you are newer to boating, there's possibly no better way to experience our great shoreline than with a group.

Things may change significantly depending on how the Covid-19 situation plays out… we’re hoping Sunora can happen… it may have to be a little less social and with solo anchoring … but it may be just the thing needed this season.

For more info check out the SUNORA Facebook page or call 344-7845 or 344-6578.