Lake Superior, being one of the largest lakes in the world, has an abundance of anchorages and places to tuck in for the night or to weather a storm.

It's the mission of the Thunder Bay Yacht Club to encourage and promote recreational boating in the area and provide members and the public with some mooring locations. 

Mooring balls currently are located in two areas near to the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park in Thunder Bay. Sawyers Bay, near the head of the Sleeping Giant, and 'T'-Harbour located on the east side of the Sleeping Giant provide two anchorages to visit. Recently installed are two mooring balls at the second island at the Welcomes. 

If you are taking up a moorning close to The Sleeping Giant Provincial Park please respect campers on the main land as they hiked in to enjoy the traquil setting. If you are landing your dingy on-shore to hike a trail on Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, you are required to have a day pass. You can do this by calling the Park office ((807) 977-2526) in advance and they will take your credit card information and issue you with a pass for you and your guests. You may also do this online. 

As time progress it is hoped that more destinations amenities, such as mooring can be provided. If you have any feedback or questions let us know