Event Date: 
Monday, March 27, 2023 - 19:00
Mission Club House


A meeting to plan this year's New Crew program will be held at 7 PM, on
Monday, March 27 at TBYC Clubhouse.

The purpose of the meeting is to plan the content and delivery of the New
Crew program in 2023.  New sailors, old salts, New Crew alumni, and novice or
experienced skippers who need crew, or want to help are all welcome.  We need
input from anybody who has taken the program, wants to take it, or wants to
help plan and/or deliver the program.

The New Crew program is a legacy of Bill Dunlop's leadership in keelboat
racing at TBYC.  For twenty or so years Bill organized the program as a way
of bringing new sailors into keelboat racing.  Supported by volunteer
skippers and their crews, he used a combination of classroom instruction and
on-the-water experience to teach basic racing knowledge and skills.

Many New Crew alumni have since raced competitively, and gone on to buy their
own boats, and join TBYC.  The program helped racing skippers recruit and
develop new crew, and it also provided revenue to sustain the racing program.

Covid interrupted delivery of the program, reducing financial support and
stopping the flow of new sailors into keelboat racing.  As we prepare to
restart the program, we want to make sure that it:

·  Attracts the kind of people most likely to be successful on race boats;
·  Provides basic race crew skills and competencies for windward/leeward,
off-shore, and pursuit racing;
·  Offers opportunities to introduce new crew to skippers who need crew;
·  Market opportunities for new crew to use the virtual and IRL crew bench;
·  Makes new crew aware of all local sailboat racing activities and

This year's new crew program is scheduled for the Saturdays and Sundays of
the June 3/4 and 10/11 weekends.  Feel free to call me if you have any

Bob Vander Ploeg
TBYC Fleet Captain

Rule #1 ~ Fun For Everyone!