May 1st, 2020.  Limited Yard Access.
Greetings from the hard. 
Again first and foremost, I hope that you and your loved ones are managing all right during these challenging times. 
The province of Ontario has released a roadmap to reopening businesses, services and public spaces but has not indicated dates at this time. Please be aware that the TBYC executive is monitoring news releases and updates and will provide pertinent information when it is available. 
As well, the Ontario government has extended the Declaration of Emergency to May 12, 2020. Therefore, the TBYC property remains closed. The locks on the clubhouse doors have been changed to ensure the safety of all members. The docks, mast crane and pumpout remain closed as well.  Our Facility Manager has been visiting, and will continue to visit, the yard daily to check on the general condition of the club.
The executive recently met however, and acknowledged that some members are concerned about their boats. Winter covering tarps may cause damage to boats and infrastructure so it was agreed that members would now be able to ‘check their tarps’. Members will be allowed to access the yard to check their boats under the following conditions - only one person per boat, strict social distancing, inspection and correcting tarps only and most importantly NO WORK to be done other than measures required for immediate safety. Members must visit to the yard in the afternoon when our Facility Manager is usually around the club. 
The executive has struck two subcommittees to address Restarting of Operations and Review of Fees. The Restarting of Operations committee will put together and revise, as needed, the plan to be implemented once restrictions are lifted. The Review of Fees committee will review the current status of fees including Annual Service Fees and Docking Fees. Both subcommittees will be reporting back to the executive within a couple of weeks. 
We kindly ask everyone to remember that no work can take place on club property while we are under the Provincial Emergency Order.
Please stay healthy, stay home and stay tuned.
Hugh Briggs
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