A change to the invoicing procedure with regards to Launch, Haul-Out and Summer Storage has been approved and will be effective this season.

Within the next two weeks, prior to the boating season, all members with boats stored on the Mission Property will be invoiced for an Annual Service Fee.

The invoice for the Annual Service Fee will be calculated using the current Launch / Haul rate structure for the size of the boat and will be equal to the cost of one launch and one haul-out for the season.

The separate summer storage fee that was previously charged for boats that did not launch has been eliminated and the Annual Service Fee will now apply to all stored boats.

Regular launch and haul-out rates will apply for members that store off-site.

This change in invoicing procedure simplifies record keeping and eliminates the need for a separate launch and haul-out invoice and for the need to monitor and invoice for summer storage.

Per Club Policy, all members must have current boat insurance on file with the Club and accounts must be current prior to launching.

Questions, please contact Facility Coordinator Richard Matheson at 251 6832 or cruise10@shaw.ca

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