Spring 2021 Maritime Radio Course  ROC(M)DSC Virtual Classroom Courses 

Register for a One Day Course: 8am to 4pm

Course Dates:

  1. Saturday 03 April  
  2. Sunday    11 April  
  3. Saturday 17 April  
  4. Sunday    25 April  
  5. Saturday 01 May 


After the March 2020 COVID Lock Down, Member and Public requests for an online Maritime Radio Course were received.  An online Course did not exist at the time.   The Canadian Power Squadrons now has Virtual Classroom ROC(M)DSC Courses, that Lakehead Power and Sail Squadron can start conducting over Zoom.   The most current version of ROC(M)DSC is Spring 2019. There is a Printed Manual and eBook that coincide with new Power Point Presentations.  F.A.Q. (old manuals cannot be used)  The Course cost is $100 printed manual and $90 ebook.  Course cost includes the Wallet Card Certificate snail mailed to your residence.  Course Registrations have been created on the CPS-ECP Website.  You will have to Register on the CPS-ECP site and pay for the Course by Credit Card.   Link:  https://www.cps-ecp.ca/contact/squadron-locations/course-catalog/course-details/?cps-course-id=88&cps-course=maritime_radio  

Choose: Ontario, Thunder Bay, Lakehead Squadron


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