Thunder Bay Yacht Club
Annual General Meeting
Nov. 25th., 7pm Mission Clubhouse


1. Acceptance of Agenda. Hugh Briggs

2. Approval of 2020 AGM Minutes. Hugh Briggs

3. Correspondence. Rowan Seymour

4. Financial Statements and Treasurer’s Report – Chris Saunders

Motion: To accept the Treasurer’s Report. Chris/

Motion: To accept the Financial Statements from 2020. Chris/

5. Annual Committee Reports

a) Commodore Report - Hugh Briggs
b) Membership – Kyle Stroomer
c) Social Committee – Shannon Whale
d) Community Involvement – Paul Morralee
e) Bulletin – Andrew Haill
f) Mission Clubhouse – Jim Heald
g) Storage – Nick Kovachis
h) Docking – Don DeBruyne
i) Launch & Haul – Daniel Dimond
j) Racing Fleet Captains Report – Geoff Hall
k) Marina Advisory Committee – Lindsey MacDonnell
l) Long Range Planning – Tim Radul
m) Facilities Report – Richard Matheson

Motion: To accept committee reports as presented.

6. Old Business

7. New Business
- Hugh Briggs to chair a committee to ensure compliance with Not for Profit status and processes.

8. Board Elections. Terry Cano
Nominating Committee Report

The following positions will continue their term:

● Social - Shannon Whale
● Clubhouse - Jim Heald
● Membership - Kyle Stroomer
● Storage – Nick Kovachis
● Community Engagement: Paul Morralee

Nominations from the Floor - Two Year Terms
Commodore -
Vice Commodore -
Rear Commodore -
Treasurer -
Secretary -
Bulletin –
Docking –
Launch & Haul –
Fleet Captain Sail –
Marina Advisory Committee –

9. Annual Motions
Motion to: Thank last year’s executive for their time and services to the Club.

Motion to: Approve the Board to carry out actions and business for the coming year as necessary to manage the affairs of the club on behalf of the general membership.

10. For the good of the club
- Honourary Membership nomination:

11. Motion to adjourn

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