Hello TBYC Boaters,
Great news. The Travel Lift is operational and launch will begin tomorrow Saturday May 23, 2020 beginning at 1000 hrs. The signup book is in the hallway by the washrooms of the clubhouse. The regular rules apply to being approved to launch; current insurance must be provided in advance and your account must also be current. Any outstanding fees or lapsed insurance equals no launch. We have had to amend our launch protocol and mast stepping protocol due to COVID-19. Please review the launch protocol via the link below, which will remain in effect until further notice. Please have patience and take extra care this year while launching. 
Launch schedule will be Tuesday and Thursday starting at 1300 hrs and Saturday and Sunday starting at 1000 hrs. 
For everyone’s protection and safety no one who has respiratory symptoms or other symptoms of COVID-19 is permitted to be on site. Please stay home and seek medical attention. 
We are almost ready to also launch the online launch schedule so stay tuned for that rollout. Many changes at TBYC some that were planned well in advance and others that have been thrust upon us due to circumstance beyond our control. The board of TBYC has been working hard to deal with everything thrown our way. I would like to thank all those who have stepped up to the plate this spring to make things happen. Great job and happy boating. 
Hugh Briggs
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