Each season it is the requirement of all members to volunteer 10 hours of labour to help keep the club operating efficiently. 

At the last Executive Board Meeting, Directors had some volunteer opportunities that have become apparent after the winter.  If you are interested in any of the following volunteer opportunities please contact Richard Matheson Cruise10@shaw.ca . See attached for details on Launch & Haul Assistant and Travel Lift Movement Alarm volunteer jobs.

  1. Work Party to fill in around the Mission River wall
  3. Repair door skirting on Equipment Shed
  4. Repair and order parts for 2 Weed Whackers in Equipment Shed
  6. Rake and clean up area around old Kam Boathouse
  7. Cut and pile wood
  9. Paint bottom of race committee boat
  10. Replace fuel tank in committee boat
  12. Launch and Haul Assistant – See attached 
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